Pennypult II Toy Trebuchet

Funded on Kickstarter

The Pennypult II is a improvement on the original Pennypult toy trebuchet. The most notable improvements are the magnetic trigger and pre-made projectiles. It has a minimalist design and is very easy to construct - all you need is 12 pennies and a flat surface. As of today, it is no longer available.

Bandito Rubber Band Gun

Funded on Kickstarter

The Bandito is a rubber band pistol and modern take on a classic toy. It is made from laser-cut materials and can quickly launch 6 rubber bands. It has a clear exterior and a satisfying ratchet mechanism that makes it hard to put down. As of today, it is no longer available.

Pennypult Toy Trebuchet

Funded on Kickstarter + staff pick + front page feature

The Pennypult is a desktop trebuchet with a unique design. It’s easy to construct and powered by spare pennies. The project was funded on the first day and reached two stretch goals! It was the first physical product Apptivus created. As of today, it is no longer available.


Positive reviews on the App Store

GistList is a GitHub-integrated task list for iOS. It renders your task list to a Markdown file and makes it convenient available on GitHub. At this time, the app is no longer available but you can download the source.

Alien Hero

Featured by Apple on the App Store

Alien Hero is an endless runner for the iPhone and iPad. It features a lovable green alien and terrified human bystanders. If you like games like Jetpack Joyride, you might enjoy it. It has some great artwork, sound, and music. As of today, it is no longer available in the store.