Pennypult II - Now on Kickstarter!


Creator of the Pennypult trebuchet


The Pennypult is a miniature trebuchet (gravity-powered catapult). It's small, easy to build, and enormously fun. It has a unique design that you won't find anywhere else.

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The Bandito is a modern take on the classic rubber band pistol. It features a clear exterior and satisfying ratchet mechanism. It’s safe, fun to shoot, and makes a great gift.

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  • Educational

    Learn and have fun at the same time. Apptivus toys teach the fundamentals of physics and engineering.

  • Unique Gift

    Surprise your friends and loved ones with a totally unique gift. Apptivus products are assembled by hand and use the highest quality materials.

  • No Tools

    Everything you see can be constructed without tools, glue, and sharp objects. All you need is a flat surface and 10 minutes!