The ultimate desktop trebuchet.

What is the Pennypult?

The Pennypult is desktop-scale trebuchet. It uses 16 pennies as counterweight and can be built without tools in under 15 minutes. It is made of quality materials and laser-cut parts.

It throws up to 25ft with precision pre-made projectiles.

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  • Unique Design

    The Pennypult features a counterweight positioned above the throwing arm with a unique sling-less throwing action. Stands only 9 inches tall and can throw a projectile up to 30 feet!

  • Simple Construction

    The Pennypult requires no glue, no sanding and no knowledge of woodworking. The precision laser-cut pieces will simply snap together. The kit comes with what you need. You just need a flat surface and 16 pennies.

  • What is it Good For?

    Great for people of all ages. It's a physics experiment, a toy and a piece of art. Stage your own small-scale medieval battles, or; bring it to the office and lay siege to your coworker's desk. It makes a great gift!

Pennypult: Ultimate Office Toy & Model Trebuchet

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How do I assemble the Pennypult?

Where can I find pre-made ammo for the Pennypult?

Will non-US coins work with the Pennypult?

Absolutely! The weight basket was designed around the US penny, but the Pennypult can definitely accommodate other coins within certain specifications. Our recommendation is to keep the coin or cylindrical object under 20.5mm in diameter, and a similar weight to that of 16 US pennies. Each US penny weighs approximately 2.5g which puts the target weight around 40g. The weight basket, however, is designed to have a max width of 24.32mm.

If you are using Euros, for example, our best recommendation would be to utilize the 2 cent coin. Given the weight and thickness of the coin, thirteen 2 cent coins will have you at 18.75mm in diameter, 39.78g in weight, and 21.71mm in thickness. If you are using a British penny, 11 or 12 will have you at 20.3mm in diameter, 39.16/42.72g in weight, and 16.72/18.24mm in thickness.

If you have further questions about this subject, maybe specific to where you reside, feel free to message us for recommendations!

Where is the sling?

Unlike a traditional trebuchet, the Pennypult is actually a sling-less design! Projectiles rest between the counterweight and the arm (set on the arm hook). The sling-less design proved to be more reliable and easier to load - with minimal sacrifice in performance. More information can be found here.

I'm having problems with the Pennypult. What should I do?

Please send an email to with a short description of the problem.