The ultimate rubber band pistol.

What is the Bandito?

The Bandito is a six shooter toy pistol capable of launching rubber bands up to 25ft. It’s a remake of a classic toy - brought into the 21st century with a new design. It is well engineered, made with premium parts, and has a unique look and feel. 

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  • Unique Design

    The Bandito has a design you wont find anywhere else. It has a satisfying ratchet mechanism and distinct look and feel. It is made from high quality acrylic and metal parts. 

  • Ready to Gift

    The Bandito arrives beautifully packaged ready to use - no assembly required. The Bandito is perfect for your next office battle or that special geek in your life. It is genuinely fun and hard to put down.

  • Lots of Fun

    There is a reason rubber band guns have been around so long. They are genuinely fun and satisfying to use. We believe the Bandito is a step above what you will find somewhere else.

Bandito: Ultimate Rubber Band Gun

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Is there any assembly required?

Nope! All Banditos come pre-assembled and tested. They are ready to use the moment you unpack it.

How do I reload the Bandito?

What's with the orange tip?

Toy guns are required to display an orange tip. All Banditos come with one. Please do not remove it!

Will any rubber bands work with the Bandito?

Not all rubber bands are compatible with the Bandito. We tested dozens of rubber bands to find the perfect one. Extra rubber bands are available here. They are 100% rubber and work great.

Can I fling rubber bands at my coworkers with the Bandito?

You should never launch rubber bands at faces or animals. Be safe and respectful when using the Bandito.

I'm having problems with the Bandito. What should I do?

Please send an email to with a short description of the problem. 

What colors are offered?

Solid black, solid white, clear, and clear blue.